Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sex Ed 101

When my daughter was very young I struggled with explaining the facts of real life. She was only in her early grade school years. How could I explain adultery or any of the many other ways the world has invented to distort God's plan for marriage without just reciting a list of rules?

My child's artwork plastered my refrigerator and pantry doors. Each picture came with love notes scribbled to me across the top. Throughout the day as more "masterpieces" were proudly presented to me, I had to make more room. These pictures were my inspiration -- for a lesson.

"Did you know that God sends us artwork and love messages?"

My daughter's head snapped up from her coloring. "No-o-o," she drawled quizzically.

"He gave the world the gift of marriage and mommies and daddies and families. It is a picture sent to us with his special love note written on it. He wants us to know that in much the same way a husband loves and cares for his wife, he loves us."

"The husband and wife relationship is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one." Eph. 5:32 NLT

I explained that God's plan includes one man and one woman committed for life. When God designed marriage, he wanted to show us how much He is committed to us and wants us to love only Him, always.

"When you give me your pictures, I am so proud that I hang them up for everyone to see. The world sometimes takes God's pictures and rips them up and tosses them in the trash."

By my daughter's shocked expression I wasn't sure if she understood everything that day. But, it was the first of many talks to lay the foundation for seeing God's heart regarding the mystery of marriage and not the world's discarded masterpiece.

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  1. Rhodema-

    I just have to say you are a wise woman, and I love, love reading these stories on here! There is a website called Blurb where you can compile your blog posts into a book- that could be a neat Christmas present for your kids one day as you share so many stories with them on here. Keep sharing- I love to read them! ---Beth


Thank you for sharing your comment. I look forward to reading what you wrote.