Monday, April 23, 2012

Chuck Colson Tribute

As parents of a young family, we feared raising children in such a crazy upside down world. We wondered how we would ever maneuver through the minefields of moral corruption. How could we raise good kids in the midst of so many bad influences?

We sought advice from those wiser and our reading lead us to a book by Chuck Colson, Against the Night, Living in the New Dark Ages. Where we saw a blurry dangerous world outside our front door, entering daily through our television screen, Colson saw clearly. Colson armed us with understanding of the ongoing moral slide in most areas of society—political, educational, financial even in the church. Understanding gave us courage and determination to say, ENOUGH, when it came to our children.

We realized that the goals that government schools had for our children were not our goals—not the goals that we felt God had for the children He had given us. We chose to stand up and counter that tide. We chose a different path for our family. We never looked back although it is harder to swim upstream at times. 

My kids have almost all emptied the nest after 27 years of parenting. They turned out as moral, independent thinkers who do not buy the world's moral "anything goes" attitude which grows each year. They understand that this world is God's creation and they were created by Him for a purpose. 

Thank you, Chuck Colson, for giving us wisdom and courage through your words. This is one family that was drastically changed through your writing and we've never regretted it.