Online Magazines:

(in)courage - a site affiliated with Dayspring Cards designed to build up women as they walk in Christ. 
  • Porcelain Romance - look for it on Valentine's Day

Heart of the Matter {Online} - a site dedicated to bridging the gap between the child and the parent

Out in bookstores October 2010

Contributed to: Family Journeys, a book of essays - part of The Big Read - a nationwide library program focusing on The Grapes of Wrath.  

Contributed to: The Plight Before Christmas, a book of Christmas Stories - compiled by Northwest Texas Christ Writers. Available on Amazon. 


Thriving Family  Previously Focus on the Family Magazine
Death's Sting, Spring 2009

Birds and Blooms Magazine
Garden Love Story, February 2008

LIVE - Easter 2012 story: Death's Sting reprint

Waiting on a Release Date:

LIVE - January 2013, Sanctity of Life Sunday

Professional Affiliations: 
North Texas Christian Writers

Devotional Award First Place - NTCW 
Devotional Award Second Place - NTCW
Inspirational Writers Alive! - Honorable Mention