Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cartoon Briefs

Boy, was I good! The day my oldest daughter turned two, she ripped her diaper off and said, "I no more wear diapers anymore." And she didn't.

I had potty training down. I thought I should write a book about this method--although I wasn't sure exactly what I had done.

God then gave me three more children over the next nine years. None of these precious kids were toilet trained until they were three or older. God has a way of humbling us when we claim talents that we don't have. And He has such a sense of humor.

My youngest, my only son, was the most resistant to learning to use the toilet. I tried many bribes. There were M&Ms, Lego kits, and a myriad of other treats for doing his business where he was supposed to.

What finally worked? We walked past the men's boxer brief display at the nearby super center. Cartoon characters from every network channel covered the underwear. I promised my son that when he learned to used the toilet, he could pick out any pair of cartoon briefs for his dad to wear. This thrilled my son more than picking out his own Buzz Lightyear briefs.

I didn't ask my husband about this before I made the promise. When the boxers with the allover Curious George print were presented to him by our son, I thought he would not play along at first.

He couldn't resist our son's enthusiasm, however, and my husband was soon sporting his monkey covered boxers. He just hoped he wouldn't get in a car wreck and be taken to the hospital while he was wearing them.

What worked in your home? Share your best toilet training advice below.

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