Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deity in the Ditch

America's oldest building date back just 250 years. As my husband and I travelled across England this summer, the ancient sites were the most impressive. It was common to see structures from the 1400's. 

Bath, England provided a look at the oldest building, a Roman bathhouse from A.D. 70. At the same time the Christian church was in its beginning stages in the middle east, the goddess Sulis Minerva was worshipped as the source of the healing thermal waters in Bath. 

The engineering feats of hot and cold running water, steam baths and heated flooring were marvels for A.D. 70. Interwoven in the daily bathing rituals was the worship of the source of the waters—the goddess Minerva. Her face, masterfully cast in gold could be seen in a nearby temple. 

No explanation was given for the sudden exodus from the town. The rich temple and bathing facilities were abandoned, possibly when the Romans left England for good. 

The building was left to ruin and the massive goddess disappeared—until only recently. Sewer workers found the golden goddess face down in one of the underground sewers. 

How glad I am to serve an eternal God. He isn't thought up by man or crafted by an artist's hands. Worship of the one true God doesn't fall in and out of fashion. 

But the LORD is the true God
he is the living God, the eternal King.
Jeremiah 10:10

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Not to Wear

I'm a What Not to Wear fan. My daughter and I love to grab a cup of tea and savor the latest recorded episode together

The show takes place in NYC. The hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, "kidnap" the worst dressed women in America and work with them for a week to transform their appearance—and usually their opinions about themselves. 

The women are nominated by well-meaning friends and family. The candidates have to take all of their clothes to the studio in NYC and agree to throw out whatever the hosts say goes. But, they get $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe with Stacy and Clinton's rules.

Before their clothes are tossed the women on the show are asked to select three of their favorite outfits and step into the 360 mirror to take a good look at themselves. Their faces usually show the dawning realization of the truth of their  whacky clothing. 

From here they get lessons on how to choose clothes that fit and flatter. The women shop with the guidance of Clinton and Stacy. To finish the new look, the women have a makeover with a hair designer and makeup artist. 

What do I like about it? I think it's the total transformation that takes place within women. They go from grungy, frumpy, or just plain outlandish to polished and sophisticated. 

The women on the show are all shapes, sized and ages. They don't all have perfect bodies. Yet, on the show they learn so much about how to dress themselves, fix their hair and put on makeup. 

The outcomes are miraculous—not only on the outside appearance but usually within. The women's attitudes towards themselves are part of the transformation as well. 

Redemption and transformation! I don't mean to over-spiritualize but the show reminds me of what Christ does in my life. 

At times he takes me to the 360 mirror and peels my hands from my eyes to see the real me. I see my attitudes and actions that at times are down right ugly. 

I see a different style to put on when I read His Word and learn the right attitudes. He models the righteous life that I need to follow. 

After a season of learning to throw off the old and put on the new man in Christ, He spins me around in the style chair and I see the new creature in Christ that I've become.