Friday, September 24, 2010

The Oz God

I could barely watch the original Wizard of Oz movie as a child. I sat with eyes alternating between wide open or squeezed shut, hardly breathing. I totally understood the lion's lack of courage. 

When Dorothy and her new friends crept before the Wizard my heart pounded with theirs. The green phoenix seemed to hold all of the power but had no compassion for those he ruled. 

Many people today see God as some kind of cosmic wizard--somewhat like the one pulling the levers in the green world of Oz. 

He manipulated. He kept his subjects cowering in fear. He did not care about his subjects--only himself. 

Sadly, today, many recoil from any mention of God because they only see him as a cruel master dishing out random pain--for his own amusement. 

When I hear, "What kind of a god could allow that?" I have to agree. Not the one I know. 

It is difficult at times to reconcile pain and the goodness of God. A friend lost her husband leaving her with three children: 8, 2 and 8 months. As she sat at the hospital reeling from the news a friend, recently widowed, arrived. Her only words were: "If you can't trust God's hand, trust His heart."

There are no easy answers but we can put God to the test. When the pain he allows in our life makes no sense, look at His character and heart--not the events. Ask Him to show Himself to you and comfort you. 

David of the ancient Bible times cried out: "God when will you comfort me?" He often expressed doubts and dissatisfaction to his God. And he was known as a man after God's own heart. 

An old testament description of God is: the LORD your God who carried you, as a father carries his son. 

The new testament name for God is: Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.  

Is He the Oz God, randomly pulling levers behind a curtain? Or is He a loving heavenly father who cries with us, saves our tears in a bottle and carries us through our pain. Don't take my word for it. Ask Him. 

He will show Himself to you in amazing ways.

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  1. Rhodema - this is so true. The God we serve is loving and compassionate. Sometimes we don't understand our circumstances, but we can take comfort in knowing that He works all things for good to those who are called to His purpose.

    Great post.

  2. Hi Rhodema!

    I have always loved the Oz parable. I find when the Wizard shows them that all they need or wanted(courage, a heart, a brain, the ability to go home) has always been with them-- to Jesus said" The kingdom of heaven is at hand"..... For me it is about remembering that we are one with God and all we have to do is believe and act on what is promised..... love your post and thank-you for the thoughtful inspiration!

    love. kelee

  3. So very true! No matter how tough things may look, we can always trust in and rely on our awesome God and the wonderful promises of God in the Bible, starting with three of my favorite encouraging and comforting Bible verses: Romans 8:28, Proverbs 3:5-6, and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18! Thank you for a delightfully encouraging Spiritual Sunday! :)

    PS - PINK! How exciting! Grandkids are such a blessing and joy! :)

  4. I don't think we will truly understand certain things that happen. I know that I'm happy and proud to say that God is in charge of my life and I trust him, he knows best.
    God Bless,

  5. this is totally true....and I've found out....He really really cares and is so gentle and forgiving and patient. Your post is great..

  6. There are many difficult questions. I am reading Randy Alcorn's book If God Is Good - Faith in the Midst of Pain and Suffering. It's a very good book and helps to make sense of so many things we don't understand.

  7. Hello, It is my first time here...I come from Oz (Australia) LOL

    We are all born and we all die.
    As Christian we look forward to the time when we join Him...the ones left behind are the ones who have the struggle.
    The young widow in your story is a very sad case. There are two similar that I can think of. Melody Greene, the widow of Keith. And Catherine Marshall the widow of Peter..
    In both instances, God turned what was so sad, into a victory..If you don't know them you will find them on the net.
    What I am saying doesn't distill the is too fresh. Yet I pray in time,and at the right time, it may.
    I came out of a divorce after 28yrs and the grief at the time was surely as hard as death.
    Sixteen years later and I still hurt over it sometimes. Grief is a process, so just listen to her talk, and give out love in words (I hear what you are saying) and actions,(would you like me to do your wash).
    God Bless her and you.


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