Friday, October 22, 2010


Early in our marriage we had to make a move across the country, leaving friends and family. The moving van was loaded and it travelled ahead. We drove two cars and hauled two small children and a dog. 

I didn't want to make this move but my husband's graduate training required it. He said I left a trail of tears and huge heel marks in the road clear across the state our first day on the road.

It was slow going. We finally found a hotel that allowed pets that first night in a small town I'd never heard of. We fell into bed after getting our three-year-old and three-month-old to sleep.

Around 4 a.m. we woke to the dreaded sound of a croupy cough from our infant daughter. It scared us as we didn't know how serious it was and she seemed to labor in her breathing. 

We knew the drill for croup in the middle of the night. My husband said he'd get the shower steam going while I changed the baby's diaper. I stumbled toward the bathroom after him. 

I stood in the doorway stunned. I hadn't noticed when we arrived at the hotel but there was something in the bathroom that I'd never seen before in a hotel room. And I have never  seen it since. 

It was a glass enclosed shower stall with a bench inside. There would be no sitting on the toilet in a steamy bathroom for me. 

I felt lost when we started our trip. I didn't know where we were, where we were going or what it would be like when we got there. Loneliness filled my thoughts. 

As I sat on my shower bench and the steam enveloped my daughter and me, I knew God had known where we would be that night and what our need would be at 4 a.m. My daughter began to calm and sleep in my arms. I leaned back into God's presence. 

I was not alone. God knew exactly where I was that night and the encouragement I needed. He would be with me on the whole journey and ahead of me in our new home. 

Where can I go to escape your Spirit
   or from your sight?
Psalm 139:7
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  1. What a beautiful story of the Lord's provision!

  2. Rhodema...this is beautiful...shows His provision in the middle of our struggles. Glad He gave you that bench in the shower....He's running with you.....I love that....and if He provided that small thing...know that He's got some amazing things for you guys in the new place....

  3. Beautiful testimony. Yes, God indeed provides for our every need. ~Whidbey Woman

  4. what a beautiful story... God is so faithful to us! Blessings,

  5. Great words and writing. I was with you every step of the way. Knowing that God orders our steps (and our stops--as a great man once wrote) soothes the Christian soul like nothing else can.

    Blessings to you. Happy weekend.

  6. What a precious post. Now I'm all choked up. God knew what you would need and that you would need it as much for reassurance as you would need it for the steam. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  7. This story gave me the chills. I just love reading stories like yours. Thank-you so much for sharing this today.
    God Bless,

  8. Ah, I love this story--just like our precious Savior! Thank you!

  9. Such a lovely post. God does provide for all our needs. We all benefit so much from Spiritual Sunday's. Have a blessed week.

  10. Beautiful story - I had not heard this one before. God often answers our prayers before we even ask.

    (Finally getting back here after my attempt at leaving a comment this weekend).



  11. Now that's neat! Very encouraging- thanks for sharing, Rhodema!


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