Monday, September 5, 2011

Cry Baby!

How is your prayer life going?

I have to admit, I struggle to fit it in at times.

I know God is always near. He delights to hear me turn to Him. I get a little used to the fact that He is always there I can enter His presence boldly at anytime.

My reading in the book of Hosea this morning struck me:

They do not cry out to me
from their hearts...
Hosea 7:14a

The people Hosea spoke to may have looked good on the surface with their offerings at the temple but they kept God at arms length in their hearts and their emotions. I do that way too often. 

I had a front row view this weekend watching my seven-month-old granddaughter. There were lots of smiles and lots of tears. She seemed to go between one to the other at the slightest provocation. She connected from the heart and we all knew what she was feeling at any given moment.

When God talks about the kind of prayer life He wants us to have with Him, He beckons us to cry out to Him from our hearts.

I wonder how often my routine "bless me" prayers connect from the depths of my emotions?

I'm determining this week to cry out to God from my heart. It takes time. It takes focus. I'm endeavoring to be a bit of a cry baby before my heavenly Daddy. 

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  1. Isn't being a grandparent fabulous?! I'm Nana to a three-year-old Peanut of a girl, and she is such a blessing. Our girls are 26 and 23 years old and, like you, I'm surviving mommyhood; because you never really finish being a mommy now do you. ;-)

    I found you through Faithful Bloggers, and am a new addition to the community.


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