Monday, October 17, 2011

Moms of Missionaries

Granddaughter waves to her aunt in SK

Hooray for skype! What did missionary families do to keep up with each other before internet?

This past weekend we had a daughter and her family visit and we held a skype reunion with another daughter who is teaching in Seoul, SK. 

The visiting daughter brought her baby who is our first grandchild. The whole family likes to keep up with each new grandbaby skill. Aunt Kimela in SK is no exception so she spent time talking to her 8-month-old niece. 

The baby was fascinated with the screen. She practiced her new waving skill. She kept trying to touch her aunt's face on the computer screen. Aunt Kimela sang "Jesus Loves Me" for her and that made me cry. Precious to watch. 

I'm honored to have kids who are so enthusiastic about missions and international issues but it is tough on my heart. I miss them and know that even more of my kids plan to live overseas in the years to come. 

I spend a lot of time praying for my children. When I wake sometimes in the middle of the night, my first thought is, "What time is it where my child on the mission field is living? What do I need to pray for?" I assume I've been awakened to pray. 

So today I am thankful for the gifts of prayer and skype.

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