Monday, May 28, 2012


Waiting is not something I do easily. When I believe God has directed me down a path but I can't see the end, delays are wearying and faith-stretching.

Right now I'm in God's waiting room with three of my kids. All of us are anticipating futures to unfold and goals to be realized.

Patience is a quality God requires over and over in the Bible. God always has his own timeline and he is always on time. God's people have to continue on a course that he provides without knowing the destination schedule. 

The Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai were in just that situation. God delivered the entire nation of Israel by sending Moses and his brother Aaron with a message for Pharaoh. With miracles galore God's people left Egypt with vast riches, walked through the Red Sea on dry land, and camped at the base of the mountain of God's presence. 

Aaron watched over the Israelites camped at the base of the mountain as Moses went up the mountain to talk to God. All the people had to do was wait. They had: 

  • God's promises 
  • God's directions and 
  • God's provisions for their needs.  

The people started complaining and doubting. They didn't want to wait. Aaron listened to the griping and was persuaded to craft a new god from the gold they brought from Egypt. 

At that same moment that Aaron started designing a new future, God was talking to Moses on top of Mt. Sinai about Aaron and the BIG plans he had for him. He would place Aaron and his sons over all of the people of Israel in the temple as leaders in worship. God planned for Aaron's legacy—his sons would carry out this role forever. They even had cool, jewel-studded clothes specially designed by God to wear. 

How often do we give in and craft new plans when we really need to wait. We don't know what God has around the corner as part of his plan. 

I can only imagine what God must have felt when he finds Aaron not willing to wait but instead taking matters into his own hands. 

I want to learn to embrace the waiting seasons of my life. I want to teach my children to wait when God says wait and act when he says act. Waiting is part of the process of God's best for us. God gives the next step and the fulfillment at the right time. He is never late—always on time.

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