Thursday, August 27, 2009

Herding Worms?

"What did you do all day?" When my life with four young children at home centered around diaper bags, strollers, johnny-jumpups, etc. my husband's question always made me stop and evaluate. I would look around at toys scattered around the living room and cheerios and sippy cups that lined the window sill.

What did I do? A lot of movement and activity occurred. It wasn't always in fast motion. We often were all headed in different directions. The best description that I could come up with was that I felt like I was herding worms.

My husband has been my greatest supporter in my role as a mom. Over the years "herding worms" has become our codeword for a chaotic day. These were days that ended with the knowledge that I had loved my kids, read to them and rocked them but beyond that not much else was accomplished. These days are just memories now but time offers perspective. As I look at my grown kids, I would have to conclude my "worm herding" days were very productive.


  1. thanks for the perspective :)
    (Christina Sutherland Davis)

  2. I was curious about the name of your blog. That is great!


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