Monday, October 19, 2009

For My Mommy Told Me So

I overheard my two-year-old daughter belting out, "Jesus loves me, this I know...". I peeked into her room to see her rocking a favorite doll energetically in the same rocker we often sat in together at bedtime.

The next line caught me off guard as she continued, "...for my mommy told me so."

Her new version of the old children's hymn gave me a shiver. Jesus loves me this I KNOW for my MOMMY TOLD ME SO. She was sure Jesus loved her, because I told her so.

Little eyes are watching us and little ears are listening to us in our homes. That is a huge responsibility. There are days I want to take a vacation or leave of absence when it comes to being a role model for my children. Moms don't have that luxury.

Our little ones take in our every mood, response, and choice of television show. I have known for a long time now that our children learn what they see and experience more than what we tell them.

I am glad that my daughter heard me say, like the song, "Jesus loves you ." More importantly, I hope that she experiences it through my patience, integrity, untiring love and transparent prayers with her. I hope that I can honestly say:

Follow my example
as I follow the example of Christ.
I Cor. 11:1

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  1. This is a great reminder for all of us!! So thankful you had a good Mother's Day and what a special way to celebrate!!! Blessings, Jill


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