Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

I love that the Bible tells us Mary treasured things in her heart about Jesus's early years. When God feels it is important to mention that in His word, I realize that He understands the heart of a mother.

One of my treasured memories is from the hospital stay at the birth of my firstborn. My husband was but a lowly med student back then and carried no clout in the hospital. He decided that he wanted to take our new daughter for a walk only he didn't realize, although she was his daughter, he couldn't just scoop her up and walk around with her.

I was napping when the nurse came in. She glanced around the room and saw the empty bassinet. "Where is the baby?" she snapped.

I explained that she was fine; my husband had her. The nurse turned on her heel and I heard the door whoosh closed behind her.

Moments later, the nurse returned with the baby, rewrapped her blanket, put her in the bassinet and pushed the baby, bassinet and all back to the nursery.

My husband then returned, red-faced, and stated, "It is time to take our baby home!"

I was alarmed until I heard the whole story. It was a treasure to be kept in my heart.

My husband is a nature lover. He noticed the beautiful sunset when he arrived to see us that evening and he decided that he wanted to show his daughter. He scooped her out of the bassinet. This was a big deal as only 24 short hours before he was afraid to hold her.

He cradled her in his arms and walked to the picture window at the end of the hall. There he was holding our daughter up to "see" the sunset -- her first sunset and talking to her about all the wonderful things they would explore together as she grew up.

This of course was where the nurse found them. She did not appreciate the sunset or this precious bonding time. She had hospital rules and insurance guidelines to follow.

Before the baby was born, my husband and I had fears about whether we would be good parents. I still wasn't sure about me, but I knew then that my husband was already a great dad.

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  1. Wow, this made me cry!! I REMEMBER all the wonderful things we did explore. He has always been good at teaching all of us by example. I wish I could remember my first sunset!!


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