Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grateful for Life

The young woman behind the paint counter darted toward us and nearly knocked my husband over as she got his attention. We were on a weekend trip to the hardware store when we encountered the saleslady.

"Do you remember me?" she asked my husband.

My husband nodded and they traded small talk until the girl said, "Let me show you a picture."

She opened her wallet and showed my husband a picture of a two-year-old boy. "This little fellow is the best thing that ever happened to me!" My husband admired the handsome youngster in the photo.

The woman shared a few funny stories about her son and boasted of some things he had done. She was sure these feats meant he was brilliant. My husband nodded with a grin.

The young woman was soon to be married to a wonderful man. Her son adored her fiance and the lady beamed as she shared their future plans.

We walked on and as soon as we were out of earshot, my husband said, "That is a happy ending!" He had tears in his eyes and had to wait to gain composure before speaking further.

He explained that the young woman visited his family practice office three years ago. Young, single and afraid, she wanted to know what to do with her problem--an unwanted pregnancy. The girl felt that she had no options but to end the pregnancy. She was a student and would have no family support if she had the baby.

My husband listened to the young patient that day and then offered the advice she requested. He told her that there was another option--life. He took the time to show her pictures of babies, photos of life in the womb at the same age as her child. He listened again and answered her questions.

The girl left the office without a decision but armed with a brochure and phone number for a local crisis pregnancy help center. He had not seen the girl again until today.

I hugged my husband. We both had tears in our eyes and were thanking God in the middle of the hardware store--grateful for the life of this little boy.


  1. What a great post and a wonderful reminder that we have no idea how God will use the words we say or the things we do to impact a life and even save one!! I've read through so many of your posts and been touched, don't have time to comment on them all (motherhood will do that you know??), but want you to know God is speaking thru you! I pray all is well for you my friend!! ~ Jill

  2. What a beautiful story! I'm sure your husband is honored to have been used by God in such an amazing way...

  3. oh how wonderful. thank you for sharing this.


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