Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Add Water

I had not heard a peep out of my two preschoolers. I thought no noise was a good thing--until their big sister suggested I go check on them. And hurry!!

I found them in the bathtub surrounded by all of their stuffed animals. They were playing Noah's Ark. My son was Noah and his sister was.... Mrs. Noah.

They had not missed a single animal. Their giant bear and lion took up most of the room in the tub. The tiny stuffed mouse was there and every sized animal in between.

One thing was lacking. I got to the bathroom just in time. My son had his hand on the faucet as he struggled to turn it.

Who would ever guess that teaching Bible stories to children could be so dangerous.

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  1. That's cute! My two year old and her two year old cousin have a propensity for getting into that type of trouble...but theirs ALWAYS includes water. Fun times! :)


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