Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 Becoming a grandmother or a "Nona" is incredible. 

As a writer, I have to say this has for now left me without words. But, I have LOTS of pictures—most imprinted in my heart. 

I've enjoyed watching my daughter and son-in-law pull together—they didn't really need to pull much closer. They are working like a team. 

I forgot how a tiny cry can turn a house upside down. That first night with the baby home it seemed to take three adults to figure out what to do each time she awoke—loudly.

She is a tiny miracle. When I look at her I feel as if I am looking through a window into heaven. Indeed from the first hour of life she is "fearfully and wonderfully made."  So alert and complete and her own distinct personality. 

I felt very privileged to be in my daughter's home and help for five days—cooking, straightening, washing. I kept remembering when my mom was there for me. She somehow was everywhere I needed her, showing up with a snack or a pillow or a glass of water when I sat down to nurse. When my husband got home from work, she disappeared into another room to let us begin to bond. I remembered and tried to do the same. I think it worked. 

When I finally had to go home (my first day without baby hugs was tough), my son-in-law assured me I didn't wear out my welcome. Mission accomplished as my first job as Nona. Helpful but not TOO helpful. 


  1. Oh, Rhodema! You're such a great mom- and grandmom! Makes my heart smile :) Your daughter is blessed to have you :) Congratulations and blessings on this new little joy :)

  2. Congratulations, Rhodema! There's nothing like being a new grandmother. And what a precious granddaughter she is!

  3. Rhodema - you are a wonderful mom and I know you will also be a wonderful grandmother (Nona).

    Congratulations - she is beautiful.


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