Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was particularly special today for me. I attended the baby dedication of my first granddaughter. 

I admit that I cried. 

I am thankful that my daughter and son-in-law are raising my granddaughter in the faith. I have heard them read the Bible together aloud as one of them rocks her to sleep on a shoulder. They haver her special music list on the iPhone with songs full of scripture and praise.

I have no greater joy
than to hear that my children 
are walking in the Truth
3 John 1:4

I also cried thinking of all of the praying grandmother's on all sides down through the generations. Some are still praying for this celebrated little one and others are before the throne in Heaven. How overjoyed they must be to see their legacy of faith. 

I once wrote about my daughter in For My Mommy Told Me So. The little girl who rocked her doll baby 23 years ago is now rocking my granddaughter and telling her that Jesus loves her. 

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Oh Rhodema - such a special time for you. (I would have cried also.) You have certainly left your children a legacy and taught them well. The earlier story you wrote has now come "full circle."

    Blessings to you my friend,

  2. I am so thankful everyday that our kids met and that my son has such good role models for faith and marriage(and career)...sorry I missed it...I woud have cried for sure...can't wait to see her tomorrow....


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