Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Called-- into Question

God's calling doesn't promise a smooth road. Sometimes we can be smack in the middle of God's will and it leads us into criticism from those closest to us—even from those we respect and admire. 

I am thinking about Mary and Joseph's calling. God had a plan to deliver a savior into the world. It required Mary to lay down her reputation and risk losing her betrothed, Joseph. 

A woman found pregnant out of wedlock in those days could be stoned or turned out by her family and left to starve along with her child. 

Joseph faced two choices when he learned of Mary's pregnancy before they had come together as one. Divorcing Mary was the upright path—the expected decision for one of Joseph's standing in the synagogue. This would prove to the Jewish community that he was not the father of her child. His reputation would remain intact. Proceeding to marry his betrothed was a confession of guilt.

Reputation was everything among the Jews. 

God knew Mary and Joseph's hearts. He asked them to lay down their reputations and life plans for His greater purpose. He knew they would say, "Yes!" 

I am challenged this season to examine my heart. Will I say "Yes," when He asks me to do hard things? I'm praying that like Mary I will say...

May it be done to me 
according to your will.
Luke 1:38

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