Monday, April 12, 2010

Arts and Crafts

I always kept a treasure trove of art supplies available for my children when they were little. Construction paper, glue, colors, pipe cleaners, tape, water color paints and stickers were kept down low and readily accessible. My young ones never had to ask--they were free to create. No, they were invited and encouraged to create.

My children made jewelery, flowers, notes, animals and the list had no end. One morning when I was too busy to pay close attention to my son, he pulled out the whole stack of black construction paper.

I was aware that he was quite busy tearing and gluing. Finally I noticed him standing on tip-toe grabbing the stapler off of the desk. I spun around to find him stapling a long black Zorro cape to his t-shirt. A hand torn, glued black mask tilted askew over one eye. Zorro--what a wholesome role model.

I'm sure times have changed. Some of your children probably create on the computer. I've seen commercials for those crayola markers that only mark on the paper--not the carpet of couch. Wish I'd had these when my kids were little. I'll have to invest in these new things for my grandchildren some day soon.

What is your child's most unique artistic creation? Post a picture on the fan page!

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