Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Word of Instruction

As a parent, you've probably been at the end of your rope with your children's sibling rivalry. Today was just such a day.

I listened to my teenage son and daughter argue about washing the dishes, putting away the groceries, emptying the trash and feeding the dogs. Unlike the first two daughters I have taken a different approach with my last two children. I don't jump into the middle of every disagreement. I wait to let them work things out.

Not today. The verbal barbs continued. I finally raised my voice, "Stop!" I doled out the punishment, time out from Facebook until you give some thought to your part in this argument AND bring me a verse from the Bible that pertains to what happened. What can you learn to improve this behavior for the future?

My son appeared first with his Bible in hand. He stood before me, stiff and formal, his Bible raised in front of his face.


"Rescue me, O Lord, from evil men (sisters);
protect me from men (sisters) of violence,
who devise evil plans in their hearts
and stir up war every day.
They make their tongues as sharp as a serpent's;
the poison of vipers is on their lips. "

Psalm 140:1-2

His twinkling eyes peered around his book followed by a mischievous grin. "Just kidding!"

He did end up with a pretty good verse and a heartfelt lesson. I wonder if God was chuckling, like I was, when Ryan read his verse from Psalm 140.


  1. Hi Rhodema,
    Our 14-year old son is similarly witty, at times! :)

  2. That is really funny! :) Love it.


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