Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tutus, Tights and Treasures

The dress-up box has always been a favorite in our house. I might have a princess, a nurse, a rabbit or any number of characters arrive in costume at the lunch table.

Our third daughter has red hair and looks just like Madeline. She loved to watch the movie wearing her very own Madeline costume that was made by a friend for her birthday.

Often my children would find creative uses for ordinary costume pieces. One daughter put a pair of pink tights on her head and entertained us as a court jester.

Three daughters in a row led to quite a few "pink" outfits in the dress up box. The day my husband came home from work to find our fourth child-- and only boy-- in a pink tutu, we knew more costumes were needed. Fortunately it was just after Halloween and there were lots of costumes on clearance.

It wasn't long before my son began joining the grand ladies at the lunch table dressed as a pirate or a super hero. I sometimes felt as if I was serving food at the back lot of a movie studio.
I realize now that the dress-up box was really a treasure box. My kids travelled through time in their make believe and I now treasure those memories.

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  1. Just catching up on your blogs...so fun! I loved this one. Today my oldest boy (6) is dressed as a girl. He thinks it's SO funny. We had the opposite problem of having all boy costumes and nothing 'girly' for our young daughter, so some friends recently donated a bunch of girl-type costumes to our dress-up closet. And my son is finding great joy in having new costumes, not caring that they aren't quite gender-appropriate. :)


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