Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dining Alone

Our dining room intrigues my son. We recently moved to this house and for the first time, we have a formal dining room.

Occasionally my son likes to make his lunch of peanut butter and jelly and eat in this room with tall ceilings and a chandelier. He puts the sandwich on a nice plate and pours his milk into a stemmed glass. He always picks out a nice placemat. There he sits by himself at the head of the table, eating quietly.

After a few formal lunches alone in the dining room, I asked my son why he chose to eat there.

"Well," he swallowed the peanut butter and washed it down with the milk. "Usually, I have to sit in here with grown-ups, eat terrible food, and not say anything. I just wanted a few good memories in this room."

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  1. This is funny and sounds like something he would say. Hope he's not making a reference to your cooking. LOL


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