Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Watch

I love the arrival of the hummingbirds at my house. I've been checking online at the hummingbird tracking site. East Texas already has sightings.

Today could be the day for hummers to arrive in my garden. I pulled out my feeder, cleaned it and filled it with sugar water. It is hanging, ready for the arrival of the hummers.

The first sighting is thrilling. I'm usually washing dishes when I see a flash of color and hear the high pitched squeaking from just outside the window. I really believe the same birds come back to my house each year. They seem to know where the feeders were the year before as they return to the same spot and buzz about.

I imagine what their past week was like as they left Mexico or Central America. They fly such long distances always staying on course to return to their breeding grounds in North America. Before starting their journey they gorge on insects and nectar. It is believed that the birds fly the 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico in one 18-22 hour trip. They may stop on oil rigs or boats for a brief rest. After the one strenuous day crossing the water, they have lost half of their weight and arrive ravenous, ready to gorge again. What an amazing feat. What an amazing God who created the tiny, beautiful bird.

For anyone who read Wake Up Call, here is a picture of "alpha dog" the collie in our household.

Enjoy your week. Hope you see something wonderful in your garden.


  1. Hummingbirds amaze me. God created them with such strength. I'll check out the hummingbird website as to when I can expect mine to come home!

  2. Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. My redbud trees are starting to bloom. Can't wait to see the hummers.


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