Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Right Time to Pray

I babbled on about everything that bothered me. My friend listened through dinner, through dessert and all the way back to my house where we planned to watch a movie.

As we arrived at my house my friend grabbed my hand and said, "Let's pray about these things, right now."

Could we do that? This was a new concept for me--praying immediately and specifically even if only if only there are two of us.

If two of you agree on earth
about anything that they may ask,
it shall be done for them
by My Father who is in heaven.
For where two or three have gathered together
in My name,
I am there in their midst.
Matthew 18: 19, 20

I admit I was more interested in emoting about my issues that night than taking them to God. My friend taught me a truth about prayer when she took my "gripe session" and turned it into prayer. I have used this lesson many times since then.

When a friend shares a concern, I ask if she wants to pray, right then. I have prayed sitting in cars, over the phone, and through the Internet by emailing a prayer back to a friend. The truth I learned from my friend--I don't have to wait to pray. God is there with us. There is no better time to pray.

I have applied this lesson as a parent. I often pray with my kids in the car. When we hear prayer needs on the radio, we pray. On the way to church, we pray for the service. I hope that I have passed on to my children that anytime is the right time to pray.


  1. Amen, we should pray instead of complain, this is a lesson I am forever learning . Also , I have learned to pray with someone instead of saying , I will pray for you.These are wonderful truths,Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful post. Thank you for encouraging me today in my photo blogging!
    Gayle @ Abundant Gifts

  3. I enjoyed this so much because I can relate. I, too, learned to pray right away with friends and family and it makes such a difference...right away! I'm so glad for your visit. I enjoy your writing.

  4. I still remember the friend who taught me this, too. It was revolutionary :) Looking forward to the conference with you!


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