Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Under Siege

My son loves Lego. I am a relaxed housekeeper and it doesn't bother me to have Lego toys scattered around the house. The creativity that goes into all of the battle scenes is fun to watch.

Sometimes I find Legos in the hallway in little clusters. When I ask my son about these he explains that they are on maneuvers.

I have found Legos in the Christmas tree or lining the mantle. My son assures me that these are just major troop movements in preparation for battles.

I usually call for a Lego cleanup when we expect company. One night we planned to have our home Bible study meet at our house. I reminded my son to scan the house and roundup the Lego soldiers and artillery.

As I washed dishes, I heard the sounds of a Lego battle continue in the next room. There were machine gun noises and apparently some serious aerial attacks. Hmmm! That didn't sound like they were being put up.

"Son, I though I told you to put the Lego away"

He had a logical response, "It's a lot easier to put them up after they are all dead."

By the time the company arrived, the Lego were safely away in their storage bin--recharging for another day of battle.

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