Friday, May 14, 2010

Tucked between the Pages

I lurch forward and plop the last of four loaded boxes on the table. Volunteers start flipping through the books to distribute them to the sale tables. The annual book sale for our local homeschool group is in full swing and I start to panic.

It may seem silly but I felt sad to part with the books. I looked around for someone I knew. I needed support.

"Does anyone else feel the slightest bit sad?" I found several of my homeschool mom friends and pose my question. I discover that I am not alone in my nostalgia.

After 18 years of homeschooling, my youngest just finished middle school. My children were either adults or in high school now. There was no need to keep many of my books for young readers. I had all that I needed for the next four years of homeschooling.

Why do I feel the unreasonable desire to snatch up my books and cart them back home? It hit me that every book represented a precious memory.

My kids may not have considered some of the math texts or punctuation workbooks their best remembrances. However, the readers and story books each brought to my mind's eye visions of sitting on the couch with all of my children piled around me listening intently. These were definitely the best of times.

A little girl with pigtails and glasses came up to my boxes. She flipped through a picture book from the top of the stack. Obvious delight glowed on her face as she snatched one up and ran to show her mom.
Ahhh! The books were going to good homes. Maybe I'll just hang onto the memories and pass on the fun to another family. Farewell!!

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