Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Little Bunnies

There it was again. The decorative garden bunny was back in the grass. I knew I placed it up on the porch for my husband's mowing.

Every morning as I watered my geraniums, I picked up the heavy cement rabbit and set it on the patio so that the lawn could be mowed underneath the ornament. I wanted a neatly mowed yard.

My thoughts stewed --no--boiled. Who kept doing this? I know the stone bunny couldn't have hopped there by itself. Did nobody in my family care about how the grass looked?

I stomped around the patio, rearranged lawn chairs, swept and then refilled the watering can.

I stopped and walked back to the bunny. Ahaaa! The bunnies paws wrapped around the sprinkler head each time it "appeared" on the lawn. My husband was the culprit and the superhero.

He put it there because he had my teen son in training to mow the lawn. He wanted to protect the sprinkler head from this newest mower in our family. We already had replaced three sprinkler heads this summer and he was trying to avoid another mishap.

How easily I had hopped to the wrong conclusion. If I had given into my impulse to lecture the mystery bunny mover at our next family meal, I would have falsely accused and created a family argument. I also would have overlooked my husband's hard work and his efforts at training our son.

I thanked God that I heard His still small voice before I acted on my quick anger. My husband is loving and hardworking. Why should I have believed anything else? I was reminded of the verse in Song of Solomon. So often it is the little varmints that destroy the beautiful garden of our relationship.

Catch the foxes (bunnies) for us,
the little foxes that spoil the vineyards,
for our vineyards are in blossom.
Song of Solomon 2:15

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  1. A good example of becoming a P31 wife. Those little foxes sure like to creep in and destroy, but your response left them with no ammunition.


  2. Well said, Joan! I agree with your comment. Thanks Rhodema for sharing this snippet with us. Those of us who are wives, found it something we can relate to--- and be encouraged by.

  3. A nice lesson from a cute bunny. Thanks for sharing the delightful story.

  4. A sweet post ~ Thanks for visiting me today. Blessings ~


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