Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Duct Tape Grace

Trips to the grocery story with a toddler in tow are always unpredictable. One trip seemed to be going smoothly. I waited until after nap time. My two year old daughter was in a good mood.

We chattered about what she saw as we rolled up and down each aisle. I had her "find" colors and pictures on the displays as I shopped. I hoped that by keeping her engaged, it would help prevent an emotional tidal wave or meltdown.

Around one corner I encountered a neighbor. He wanted to talk a moment and I halted the cart. This could be risky with a two-year-old but I thought a few minutes couldn't hurt.

I didn't watch my daughter closely enough, however. As I talked she sorted. She sorted everything she could reach in the cart. I didn't see her lift a can of peas over the handle of the cart until she dropped it saying, "Uh oh!" -right on my toe.

I was wrong. Stopping for a few minutes to chat could hurt. My toe throbbed.
Many thought went through my head and many words rocketed to the tip of my tongue.

Let your speech always be gracious (Col. 4:6.) I so wished I had put duct tap on my grocery list -- for my mouth at that moment. Mommy was having the meltdown!

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