Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Temper Tantrum-Take Two

The morning temper tantrum tale has become a classic legend in our family. Our third daughter is a red head and there is something to the whole red head temper.

She came out with a bent to vent -- loudly.

One morning she was not happy about many things. I tried to talk to her and find out what she needed. She grew more angry.

I told her sisters to try ignoring her. As we talked, my angry toddler pushed her way to center of our discussion and proceeded to throw herself on the floor at our feet. We looked down at the pitiful sight and I spoke calmly and firmly to her. "Mommy cannot hear you when you talk this way."

I moved to the kitchen and started breakfast. I heard the sound of feet in plastic-coated footy pajamas come up behind me. My daughter wanted to make sure I got a better view of her temper tantrum so she threw herself onto the kitchen floor. Ouch!

Apparently linoleum is not very cushy. My daughter stopped the tears in mid cry and picked her self up. She smoothed her hair and rearranged her fall--this time on the carpet--just next to the kitchen. The wailing started up again.

We shouldn't have but my older daughters and I burst into laughter. The mid-act scene change was a plot giveaway. These were crocodile tears.


  1. Ha! I love it...we are in the midst of this stage with Bridget...so super sweet one minute and a storm raging the next. There is definitely more drama with this one than I've ever had with my boys. :)

  2. Lisa, I agree. More drama with girls but more physical hitting with my boy. I never had anyone hit until I had a boy last.

    Never had a biter, though. I've heard that is a tough bad habit to break.

  3. LOL!!! I love this Rhodema....I have one that use to throw himself on the floor but never stopped mid cry to adjust the spot and hair!

    Thank you for sharing your mommy stories....it helps me get through my own mommy issues:)


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