Friday, May 7, 2010

Mommy Perfume

As moms, we probably have an arsenal of perfume somewhere. We receive it as gifts from husbands, in-laws, children and the list goes on.

Some of the perfume I receive is used up and I search for another rare bottle because it is a favorite. Others are more of a decorative item--they give me a headache and I can't use them. They sit on my shelf unused.

I remember one Mother's Day when I was in grade school, my brother and sister and I wanted to buy our mom a gift but we didn't have any money. We discussed this with the neighborhood children and we came up with a plan.

No money? No problem. We would make perfume for our mothers. We scattered to our homes to gather all of the glass jars we could scavenge. In those days everything was glass and we never threw anything away so each of us showed up in our driveway with an assortment of mayonnaise, jam and peanut butter jars.

Someone brought soap and we washed the jars inside and out. Then we began to gather the good-smelling stuff. We collected Texas lawn weeds. Some of our lucky friends had rose bushes in their yards and they contributed the rose petals.

We stood looking down at the empty jars and the pile of wilting weeds and wondered, "How do you make perfume?"

We ended up mashing the weeds and petals and distributing them to the jars. Just add water--to top it off. My friends and I rejoiced to to have an entire case for each mom--12 or more jars.

Mom appropriately and gratefully thanked us upon receiving her gift. I always puzzled why she kept it under the kitchen sink rather than on her bedroom dresser where she kept the stuff from Dad.

I don't remember when it disappeared from it's special storage place. I always believed that Mom used it up.
As moms we have the awesome opportunity to spread the sweet fragrance of Christ in our homes or smell like something best left under the sink.
But thanks be to God, who in Christ
always leads us in triumphal procession,
and through us spreads the fragrance
of the knowledge of him everywhere.
For we are the aroma of Christ...
2 Corinthians 2:14-15

What are you wearing each day? Something foraged and mashed --or are you allowing the sweet aroma of Christ to breeze through you into your children's lives?

So good to know that I don't have to come up with the fragrance --just allow Him to be the sweet aroma through me--the atomizer.
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  1. O, Rhodema . . . what a beautiful, Biblical, inspiring article! I just love it. What a hoot to imagine the perfume you and your neighborhood pals "concocted." I think I smell it! (And, so precious).

    Yes, I rejoice with you that I do not have to try and manufacture "the sweet aroma of Christ." (like I even could...) I only need to surrender myself to be His vessel.

    Love it, Rhodema! Hope it gets published far & wide. It's such a relevant Mother's Day message. Really spoke to me. Thank you for "gifting" it. Becky DeGroat

    p.s. May we share it thru facebook, etc.?

  2. Rhodema, I love this! I have never looked at those simple gifts from our little ones in that way before. What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing:)

  3. I love this post - a simple gift, but given with much love. You truly are the aroma of Christ.


  4. Great post. I agree with Becky and Shana's comments. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. What a wonderful analogy and sweet mom story! Love it! Have a wonderful Mother's Day...God bless.

  6. I love this, thank-you for such a sweet story and a perfect analogy.

  7. This is such a sweet post. I can just see you kids making the perfume and "bottling" it. Thank you for putting the smile on my face this evening.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  8. I love this passage of scripture and your beautiful story fits so well. My prayer is to be a sweet fragrance to all I encounter...Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  9. That was a sweet remembering, and a good reminder, Rhodema. Thank you.

  10. What a cool story! Thanks! Happy Mother's day!


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